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Memorial Bike Ride for David "Dino" Bentley

On Saturday, March 30, I added the memorial bike ride for David Bentley. David was tragically killed when he was intentionally run over by a vehicle in February.

Affectionately known as Dino, he was more than just a name or a statistic. He was a symbol of the struggles and the unyielding spirit of Portland’s houseless community. His life, marked by both challenges and moments of joy, was a poignant reminder of the humanity that exists in every corner of our city, often overlooked.

As your City Council representative, I promise to keep the memory of Dino and others like him alive, not just in words, but in actions. By pushing for policies that address homelessness, support addiction recovery, and prioritize public safety, I will honor his memory.

We can turn our grief into a driving force for a more inclusive, empathetic, and just Portland. Let’s work together to shape a future where every Portlander, housed or unhoused, is valued and safe. Let's make our streets not just thoroughfares, but pathways to a better, kinder Portland. Remembering Dino, let’s ride towards that future together.

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