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Pro-Portland PLAN

Politicians have platforms but people have plans. 

Since I’ve launched my campaign I’ve heard from hundreds of everyday Portlanders share the issues they care about. From the cost of living to fully funding the Portland Street Response, the people are tired of a city government that doesn’t listen to them. After months of listening, I’m proud to present my Pro-Portland plan. 


My plan has three key areas of focus:

1.  Housing and Economic Justice

2. Transportation and Climate Change

3. Community Safety and Development


Our housing crisis is unprecedented and our cost of living keeps going up. More and more people are becoming homeless every day. We need to stop the bleeding. Our city council can do several things to help everyday Portlanders survive in this economy.
Image by Sérgio Rola

A Renters Bill of Rights represents a pivotal move towards ensuring fair and equitable housing for Portlanders. This bill would be similar to one passed in Tacoma and would set a new standard in tenant protection.


Key features of the Renters Bill of Rights: 

  • Landlords who raise rent over 5% annually are required to provide renters with relocation assistance.  

  • Prohibit evictions during the winter months (November-March) for non-payment of rent. 

  • Prohibit evictions of families with students and teachers during the school year for non-payment of rent.

Such measures are vital in a city where almost half of the population are renters, facing challenges with housing affordability and stability.


This Bill of Rights would aim to balance the relationship between tenants and landlords, ensuring that renters have access to safe and affordable housing while maintaining landlords' ability to operate sustainably. By adopting these measures, Portland would not only address the immediate needs of its renting population but also lay the groundwork for a more secure and inclusive housing market. 

TrANSPortation & Climate Change

Climate change and transportation go hand-in-hand. Over 40% of Oregon’s carbon emissions come from transit. We need to increase the use of public transportation, along with the number of Portlanders walking and biking to make a significant impact on our environment. Finally, we must put people over profit and tank the tanks at the Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub (CEI) in Northwest.

As a city councilor, I work to construct an urban trail network of protected bike and pedestrian paths that cross the city.  

This plan originally shared by Bike Portland, aligns perfectly with our commitment to building a more inclusive, accessible, and green city. It's about more than improving cycling and pedestrian infrastructure; it's about reshaping our urban landscape to promote active transportation and fostering a healthier, more connected, and environmentally sustainable Portland.


I see this not just as an infrastructure project but as a crucial step in enhancing the quality of life for all Portlanders, making our city more livable. 

Community Safety & Development

You can't have a livable community without a safe community. We can foster safer neighborhoods and community engagement through progressive, inclusive, and comprehensive approaches. We need a holistic approach that not only addresses immediate safety concerns but also fosters a long-term communal bond by involving citizens in the development process of their neighborhoods.

The Portland Street Response (PSR) is an essential component in our city's approach to public safety, and its full funding and expansion should be a priority for any Portland City Council member. 


The structure of PSR, as evaluated by Portland State University, emphasizes a three-person crew consisting of a medical responder, a trained mental health provider, and a peer support specialist. This combination is crucial in effectively de-escalating situations and providing the right kind of assistance, particularly in cases involving mental health issues. PSR needs to operate as an unarmed, de-escalation program separate from police response, ensuring that individuals in crisis are met with care and expertise rather than force. 

By fully funding and staffing PSR for 24/7 citywide coverage, we can ensure that all Portlanders have access to this critical service when they need it. Learn more about why this service is essential for the future of our city at

A Campaign by

To create A CITY for

We are a grassroots campaign funded by Portlanders like you through the city's 
Small Donor Elections program


PORTLAND RESIDENTS: Your first $20 donated will be matched by the city 9 to 1.

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