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Housing is the #1 issue that Portlanders face every day. To address the housing crisis, a multifaceted approach is essential. We need to: 

  • Invest in affordable housing

  • Provide shelter alternatives

  • Encourage mixed-use developments

  • increase rental assistance and eviction support


Public Safety

Making Portland safer requires us to prioritize community engagement and trust-building. I will focus on: 

  • Fully funding the Portland Street Response

  • Work to rebuild trust between the community and the police. 

  • Invest in social services and community programs that help reduce crime. 


Addressing the addiction crisis in Portland requires a comprehensive approach focusing on prevention and treatment. We need to invest in:

  • Educational programs in schools

  • Addiction treatment services 

  • Narcan distribution 

Our city council is out of touch with the people. I want to establish a culture of transparency, accountability, and active citizen engagement in city hall. We can work together for a more responsive city government in Portland.

If you have any questions about my priorities or ideas
you want to share, get in touch today.

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